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[Off-Topic] Galaxy online 3

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Posted on 9/9/14 3:40:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

dont really see go2 working in a mobile environment... war games require a great deal of interaction with other players... that wont happen on mobile versions, so the reality is that go3 will be a different game completely, typing text on a mobile is incredibly cumbersome.. they would really need to dumb down everything to make anything work on mobile.  so I dont see why they would use go3 as the name, give it a new one and make an immersive war game worthy of go3... the things that made go2 interesting like making specific designs to solve particular instances just wont exists... that type of game might keep me interested on the bus home but I've never spent a penny on mobile games.... my kids gets attacked on clash of clans daily, he doesnt care... he wont be spending 500$ on a game to get big hero... I play castle td at the moment, they put a barrier to get past a level of £3 not paying it cos I dont care about it that much, go3 will be the same... and I spent thousands on go2 and probably would on go3 but not on a mobile that will only run a couple hours .. sorry but I think they are heading towards a classic mistake...and once the market is saturated and it wont be long then they will want to head back and pick up the niche markets... but that boat will have sailed... looks like it could just be what will fill the gap for me...

Posted on 9/28/14 8:15:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

go2 mobile is a rather social game. the problems stem from glitchs in the programing giving a extra thor and nearlyunlimited res. now most large players just use mall ships. also the effectiveness gap for cmmander cards is two big. a 9* is too powerfull. it should be closer to 7* effectiveness.  go2 new era is different but not reqly any better except visualy.if that is ging to be the new version youwill be disapppointed

Posted on 9/29/14 6:22:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

autolbcjrgx39s replied at 9-28-2014 08:15 AM
go2 mobile is a rather social game. the problems stem from glitchs in the programing giving a extra  ...

Go2 is a social game, but you can go at it alone if you want to. The glitches are not the problem as much as how long it takes IGG to recognize and fix them.

9*have to be very powerful because of the premium they cost. Some 9* DCC used to cost 1500- 2500 USD to get. With people willing to pay that, the players expect a huge jump in abilities and power. This is called powercreep. And it is never going away. Products have to be better or improved for people to buy. Nothing is different in the gaming world.

Not playing CC anymore
Posted on 10/16/14 12:20:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Chapman let me guess you bought that suit with our money we spent in go2?

Do you think there is a single player out there looking forward to losing their money when go3 comes out? are you ret@rdedd?

Posted on 10/16/14 12:24:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

dragonriot replied at 2-6-2013 10:30 AM
I was about to post a New "What would you like to see in GO3" thread when I saw this, and I\'d like  ...

You're assuming people will play go3. having spent near 1,000 dollars on this game-do you think myself or anyone else like me would want to start over with nothing? think

Posted on 10/28/14 6:07:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

What I would love to happen to make me really happy at the launch of Go3?

1) IGG takes commanders and gems value on account and gives me a % of their value

IGG values 1* at 100mp

256 x 100

25600 per 9*

12800 per 8*

Value all commanders at 5* and above.

100mp per 10 gems is fair.

Give us 40% of the total value each account adds up to in mp on Go3 (mp not vouchers, I want the currency you get when you spend money)

2) give players bonus's for sticking with your game for so many years, I have personally done 4-5 years now and supported your company for so long, I don't deserve anything but it would be nice to get a special name colour or special looking planet in go3 or a Badge that states that I am a galaxy online Vet.

3) Allow direct trades in go2, we are on the last little stretch where people are considering moving over to go3, the harm has been done with the masses of BP's released for USD in the last year, the damage to the population was extremely severe and we lost a ton of good players, let us have some features we actually want trades to corp members.

4) Take down the names of all top 15 corps on each server and create those names on Go3 and offer leadership to the current leaders of each corp, this wouldn't be the 1st time you guys have contacted our leaders

5) give every corp in go2 10 RBP's and lock them, multiple corps can share the same RBP's, we have people that have constantly be fighting to keep RBP's , not in war but just "flipping" this alone has caused a large % of people to get tired and quit, lock them..let us have a couple of months of fighting, laughing and having fun without worrying about "flipping" personally my leader has to flip a ton now also because the old flipper quit, this curse should not be put on anyone..badly designed feature..

Basically my thoughts so far.

Posted on 1/9/15 1:01:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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