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[Off-Topic] ive a question/moan

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hello ive noticed less and less people playing,i know why,we r getting stiffed on stuff, as a none credit card player i find myself dropping far and far behind as the cash players walk all over eveyone and force none cash players to quit, come on igg we know your all about money but what happens when we say screw it and stopp playing,this is why your loseing players and soon all the cash player will leave as there will be no other to farm?..ive known a lot of good players stop playing becouse of this,them u merge sever hopeing to genrate intrest but you r failing it will not be long before there nothing left to stay for.. take this corp in the recenty merged s12 i find that more peole r quiting becouse u just cant comple with cash players,,how long before this server is dead just like the last 2 merges it's gone thougth,more and more none cash players r quiting how long before it's dead? what about a event for none cash players? but no u rather stiff us and keep cash players happy

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I have seen a lot of speeches like this today, while reading the forums.  Dear Gaxaly online staff, please keep your paying customers happy, as because of them, I play for free.  I would like to thank them and every paying customer.  Perhaps, I shall yet make a purchase, I promiss nothing.