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[Off-Topic] Mini Event for Newbie

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This or That?
[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)]Okay so since I didn't see this anywhere, I decided to make it here ^^. The idea of this thread is VERY simple. It's kinda similar one like the "[Reborn as...]" game here except it has different scheme. This is an example how it works:

[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)]Person 1: "Chocolate or Strawberry?"
[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)]Person 2: "Chocolate. Fire or Water?"
[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)]Person 3: "Water. Cake or donut?"

[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)]and so on. If you have hard time to choose and "both" of the options are your favourites, you can answer "both" too. :)[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)] Also this game has not that "wait for 3 or 4 posts until replying again" rule. So you can actually answer as many times as you want, but remember the order and such. All clear? Good. Now let me start... :P

[backcolor=rgb(255, 253, 249)]Umm... Elin or Niss?

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The idea from :Kamegi

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(No idea)
Elin? O.o

Strength or Speed?

(Side note: 69th post! :D)

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Airplane or Submarine?