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[Off-Topic] dying game

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Posted on 6/19/13 12:22:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So its clear that this game is dying. I started near the start of s3 and was part of Angels & Demons for the longest time with people like jujube and other still played, and jjzip, can't forget him, probably largest mp spender around but i digress. I then went onto another server that had impulsive (cant remember which it was due to mergers, now s12) and was in that corps while it was #1. I then came back for a THIRD time and was part nulla clemmentia (or however you spell it, now s15) when it was the top corps. finally im back a 4th time on s30. so ive been around for along time and seen alot of this game and its progression. And now all these servers, when i want back and looked, are more or less dead compared to when they started. Now i ask at what point will this game be officially dead (it truly is dead, its like calling World at War not dead cause there's still like 400 people on) on top of this...a new server... really? so at what point are you going to release a titan- rayo divine and shut down the servers a month later and do go3?

Posted on 6/19/13 1:01:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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