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[Discussion] please carefully read this article

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To Whom it may concern :

                  we are Galaxy online 2 Tw(TaiWan) Server players. Recently we have receive a notices about Closing the server at 9/12 . We all feel angry and disappoint about that as IGG didn’t not careful run the server well and led to the shut down of the Server. IGG used to publish a lots of event to make money . Afterward , those price of the prize of the event will drop dramatically as IGG try to publish those items in the game and let players can easily get it in free ways.  So that they can launch a new products and make money in the same way .  Moreover, when lots of players complain that IGG should not close down the server due to lots of players have store amount of dollars in the game and they didn’t spend it.  Also , shut down the server is an irresponsible actions to players. But IGG didn't listen and keep on doing it.  In order to comfort players , IGG try to give out some events again and so called to let players spend all the point in the game also a compensation of others games in IGG.  So that players can have no reasons to stop shutting down the server. Actually , IGG try to make compensation with out any sincereness . Everyone knows that the game is going to close , what is the point of spending the money in that game ? What if the others game shut down by your company again?  In addition,  Every time of IGG response is the same (Thank you for your support , we are going to report it to the engineer.) , which makes players are not respected.  Until now , IGG even try to not response to the players and keep silent.  It is clear that IGG is trying to wait until every things close down so that players have no methods to fight for their right.  Lots of players in this server have spend more than 100000 dollars (in tw), some of them even spend millions on it. BUT IGG just earn the money and shut sown the game.  If you are still playing IGG's game,  we recommend you to stop paying any money on it also stop playing it .We are the victims of this  villainous scheme and we don't want this happen twice . Please be aware of IGG .

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That's the same as what they did to GO1 about 5 years ago.
Unfortunately if they insist to, we almost could do nothing on it.

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