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[Discussion] Dear IGG

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Posted on 7/30/19 11:25:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The special events as of 7/30/2019 are being blocked by Facebook due to bad security settings, and are preventing anyone from logging in to events even though they can see the page...Many want to spend more on the game, but can't with the events not working...and no updates for a long time. 

Suggestion: If event pages can't be fixed, is it possible to update the web mall prices? Most of the gems are so expensive that most never have bought from the mall, and only the events. These should be easy to update from the database. And I think the Buy MP option is still working, and I can still get in the game.

-Put Blueprint that cannot be got in game currently at all into Web Mall for MP Like:

Kazati Blueprint = 5000 MP
Iron Veil Blueprint  = 3000 MP
Skill Life Boat VI = 500 MP
Ultra Calas, Gwynar, Nwyfire. = 500 MP

Update Prices in mall to increase sales.

Planet Effects: Metal, Gold and He3 = 10 MP 
Primary Metal/He3 Packs = 1 MP
Junior Metal/He3 Packs = 2 MP 
Senior Metal/He3 Packs = 4 MP
Gems: 5 MP

Ship Building: Currently pay 8 MP to reduce build time by 10%, make it 20%

This is just a list of easier things that could be done...Many players want to keep playing, some have their wallets on the ready...

-Aldan. Original Server 1.

Wiekes MK2 for cheaper fun, laughs and rebuilding.  Waiting for last constellation.