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[Discussion] i30 Help!

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i can\'t tell you what the perfect design, it\'s tricky for some instance, but i pass i21->i30 with only 2 build.
Tips for you is, you need to learn how to set your ship, you need to make 2 fleet which one with highest atk, and another highest durability.
My tanker build is Nicholas with 8EOS 2PPC, 27k used 6 Nemesis, it only used to take damage from those magnetic, kinetic & heat until i28, then i change
In i29 and i30, i didn\'t not encourage you to used Nicholas to tank, i suggest that you used Cybra-III =), here my build, Max Agi,8EOS, 3PPC, 2BM-III & 2Bm-II and bingo~~ i used this design to farm i29 and i30 with no lost, *Common Commander with no star.

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Cybra Is your best bet, since Cybra\'s are NANO armour they laugh off Heat and Explosive Damage, which is the only two weapon types in i30
there is no Perfect Design but i would use:
1 TCE (Team Combat Engine
2 Normal Engines
2 Flash Sonic Bomb
4 Calamity Howitzer
Rest Orbital Shields

(Not This is Instance Design, Not suitable for PVP)  [s:734]

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So, I need help with i30 ship design. I want to make a ship that can carry me throughout i30 (Im currently on i21) without having to rebuild another fleet. Keep in mind, these ships are not meant for pvp or pking, just instances, and only instances. I want to use the Nicholas BP. And I have AME, TCE, BM3, Eos, and ALL modules. The best overall design I could think of was
1x AME
1x TCE
5x BM3
10x Eos
3x PPC
with 12 space remaining - yes I could fill it up with orbitals, but mabey use 1x BM1 instead with a ATS?
(Only reason im running 10 eos 3 ppc is cause people have told me that its the "way to go";)
I built this design in mind trying to maximize damage, and 1 simple design that i could mass produce. However, I do know that SB's attack ships with Max durability, so do you  guys think if I built a tank fleet, say Nich with 18 eos, 2 shield regen, TCE, and 5 ppc. I could cut down on the PPCs in the original nich design? say only 0-2 ppcs and perhaps include another BM3 or modules.

In addition, I would greatly appreciate any comments or changes to this design for all instances. (would a less tanky fleet be more suitable for farming lower instances for greater speed?/ should i build this fleet PURELY for i29/i30?, etc"


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