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[Discussion] Protect Your Account

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Part 2: [Guide] How to protect your Account by Moderator W1LDs17.

This guide will help you to protect your account from getting hacked.

This guide is to help prevent Security breaches if your account is already compromised please refer to the Link below.
My account was hacked what do i do now?

Account Security

To assure your account is safe a strong password is necessary.

Passwords with numbers and capital letters mixed in with lowercase are many times more secure then those with out.
Using names and places makes a password weaker.
Leetspeak is a popular way to incorprate numbers into a password and can help to make it more secure. (example of leetspeak: P4$$VV()Rl> instead of password)

To change your password go here§ion=password&t:1yzh2i0l General Account Settings

Now that we have a strong password we need to make our back up plan. A strong passwords no good if you forget it...

So we need to make sure we have our security questions set up correctly.

Go to:§ion=question&t:1yzh2i0l
Security Settings > Security Question

Now pick a question that not many people would know the answer to and use a nickname or some other word.
For example:
Q:What city where you born in?
A:The City of Roses

Now We have done the very basics that are done when you first set up a Facebook account. Lets move on to the advance security options.

Log in Approvals

This is an account setting that will prevent others from logging in to your account from a device you have not authorized. In other words even if someone else got your password they cant log in unless its on your computer!

This works by sending a text message to your phone with an authorization code every time a new device (computer phone ect) attempts to access your account. If the code is not put in they will be unable to access your account. This code only has to be put in once per device. To read more click Here: .

To turn on Login Approvals:

  •     1) Go to your Security Settings page (Account > Account Security > Security)
        2) Click on the Login Approvals section
        3) Check the box and save your changes

Now your account should be more secure

Time to buff up your computers security [s:553]


To keep a computer secure theres a few simple tasks you can do.

First Get an anti-virus program.
Heres a short list of trustworthy antivirus programs

Do not use 2 Anti-Virus programs in unision unless they are by the same company and spesifcly ask you to. Anti-virus programs often conflict each other and will attempt to shut the other one down...

Update the anti-virus program regularly to insure security.

Keep up on updates
keep your computer and browsers updated.
Updates often fix bugs and security holes.

Remember to log off when you leave a computer unattended.
(unless on a trusted computer in a trusted environment)

Thanks for your time and i wish you the best.

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Part 3: [Guide] My account was hacked what do i do now? By W1LDs17

Recently there have been a large number of phishing sites and other attempts to hack players accounts as such i believe it was necessary to make this guide to help everyone who has been effected by these issues.

If you were Hacked please fallow the directions below, so we can do everything in our power to resolve the issue swiftly.

First we need to secure your Computer!
Get an antivirus program and do a boot scan to get rid of any spyware/keylogers
My prefered Antivirus are AVG[/url:l4izmwac]]AVG[/url:l4izmwac (great protection not so user friendly) and Avast! (very user friendly and good protection)

Next Secure your account.
As the game is hosted on Facebook it is very likely that your Facebook account has been compromised.

To read up on help options here is a link to Facebooks Help center for Hacked accounts "I think my account is hacked"

As you have lost in game credit, this is a Facebook link to help. "My account was hacked and used to make purchases on applications."

Now report to IGG.
We will do everything possible to investigate the issue and will deal with the players responsible.

To do so we need information on the time that the hack occurred as well as the items lost.

Please go to the Service Center: And provide them with the fallowing information to the best of your ability.[code]Facebook ID;
Server; (leo-15 US)
In Game Name;
Time of hack;   (the more accurate the better;)

Items Lost; (Name of ships and number, Mp amount, Gold,Blue prints, and building levels)
Screen shots; (if possible of the items lost, Sale mail, builds, ect)[/code]Im very sorry for your loss, if there is any way i can help walk you through this process feel free to pm me.

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Part 1: Do Not Give Your Facebook Password to anyone by ModYang  

Hello everyone,
It has came to our attention that some password scammers are trying to hack into many facebook accounts using social engineering tactics.

Please do not fall for them,
Currently here is the types of scams that seems to be on the rise.
1. A player will claim to be some sort of a staff member of IGG.
(staff members will not usually talk to you in-game and they will not ask you for any personal information such as your password that you use to login to face book with, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM)

2. They may make an account that resembles a GMs/Administrators/Moderators name and tell you that an event is going on and that you have won a prize.
Please do not click on any link that dose not have or at the end of it, IT IS A UNOFFICIAL LINK and it could give you a virus or worse.
Please look at the following picture below ( this is one of the scams that has been reported)

Please be careful with your account, and always remember a staff member or moderator will NEVER ask you for your password.

Thank you all for your time and support,
Mod Yang

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