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Mot times if you\'re gettiung sniped it from moving something from an alt or main to an alt or main. I say leave it the same. if u have alts and such the "free" ships and such u get from these alts should have a chance to get sniped. U make an alt to support yourself and your shipbuilding and you want a trade system so sniping stops..lmao. The ppl who need alts to get further need to have some downside to this. If a trade system was incorporated i think the idea of mass alting would get even more rediculous then it already it. Im not saying i disapprove of alts, i have 3, but if im moving ships from one to the other they should be free game.  Another thing post ur freakin things for a low mp denomination, for the ones who have ah bots this bypasses em. Stop complaining about your things getting sniped ppl. or just stop mass alting. Guess it\'s ur choice.

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[hide]This is a warning to all forum users.  [/hide]Please stop asking for direct trades in game.  It won't ever happen, no matter how much you ask for it, because it will make it easier for alt players to trade to their mains, and vise versa...

The following are instructions on "Safe Trading" practices that you can use to prevent getting sniped on the Auction House.  Please heed the instructions to avoid [hide], so we don't have to hear you complain about[/hide]...being sniped.. again...

1.  Conduct all trades, even ones with Corps Mates, in Private Messages, over Skype, or Raidcall, or Ventrilo... in a private conversation if using a voice server.  This prevents anyone else from knowing when you or your friend are posting something on the market.

2.  List your items for fair market value, and have your trading partner list a ship or their item for the same price.  That way you are paying the tax on the items to list at fair value, rather than risking them being stolen because you list them at 12345 gold.  <--- If you do this, it's your fault you got sniped.

3.  If you insist on listing items for 12345 gold when they are worth 5,000mp, do not come crying to the mods or admins about your problem of not having direct trading... If you have something worth 5k mp... you likely have the MP available to list it for 5k and pay the taxes on it.  Again, if you get sniped, it's your own fault.  Listing things at fair market value also means if someone else is interested in it, they will have bought it for full price and you will at least have the MP available to BUY the item you were trading for in the first place.

4.  If you still insist on listing things for 12345 gold, make sure you and your trading partner are on the same page about how you plan to list them... Using the server clock is a good way of ensuring you know, but no one else knows, exactly when you or your friend will post an item.  Also, make sure you have the fastest computer on the server, because if ANYONE, including your corps mates, knows that you're trading your 8* Rays of Destiny for some res that you will be farming from your friend's alt planet later in the day, you can bet they will be spamming the Auction House searching for Rays of Destiny cards for 12345 gold... The only way to make sure you or your friend get your traded item is to make sure you click faster than the other guy.

5.  If you accidentally arrange a trade in Corps Chat, Planet Chat, or World Chat and someone sees, change to PMs, and put a random delay time on your trade... between an hour and four hours is a good number... There are in fact some players who have a macro program set up to search the market for whatever items they see in World Chat or Commander Draws... Be aware of these people, be aware of the risks of trading below market value... they will snipe you and log off without a word.... right after listing your item for market value, as it should have been in the first place.

6.  [hide]I think I've mentioned this before... but do NOT come to the forum and whine that you got sniped.  For starters, it's your fault... Secondly, it's your trading partner's fault... Third, it's YOUR fault... I think it's pretty clear now.[/hide]  List items for market value, or be more discrete and FASTER when you trade for lower than market value... If you trade below market value and get sniped... guess who's fault it is... If you trade at or above market value, at least if you get sniped, you get a lot of MP out of the deal that you can use to BUY the other item you were trading for!  Everyone wins!

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Dont ask for direct trades

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hey everyone

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how is everyone

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i love this game