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[News] Apr 29 Maintenance and Content Update

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Posted on 4/27/14 8:42:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Galaxy Online II team will be taking our servers offline for maintenance from 00:00 to 01:00 (Server Time: GMT-5) on Apr 29.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that all instance battles will be stopped and no rewards will be given out for those instances. All Humaroids will also be reset. Any players still attacking a Humaroid will have their fleets sent back immediately. It’s important to us that you’re aware of this maintenance time and that you plan your activities in preparation for this.

After the content update, the defensive buildings of defending players in PVP will have their HP restored to the amount before the battle. In addition, surviving fleets of both parties will have their shield and structure restored to the amount before the battle.

After the maintenance, each player will receive
>>800 Vouchers

Content Update:
1. The Lucky Wheel feature is getting an upgrade to the prize pool.

2. Aries Constellation Instances added. A more challenging Constellation Instance than Scorpio, your opponents will have the latest Tesla Ships in their fleets. Win the day for a chance to win the The Forsaken, Erebus Errants, The Heartless Ones, Dune Enforcers and the latest weapons and ship module blueprints.

3. Galaxy Championships Qualifiers entry limit has been raised from 600 to 900.

4. New Divine Commander - Chrome Dome
Skill: During Movement Phase, Chrome Dome has a chance to increase fleet ATK by 10x and deal 20% Scattering damage to enemy ships until the end of the Round. Affected by Accuracy and Dodge attributes.
Chrome Dome will be added to the Draw Commander Card feature.

5. New Electronic Module - Infrared SeekerUpon complete research: Uses thermal-infrared imaging to greatly improve the ship's accuracy and lethality. Increases weapon hit rate by 15%, Steering by 1, Agility by 2 (Steering power increases attack damage. Only 1 piece of equipment of this type may be equipped at a time.)
Infrared Seeker blueprints can be found in the Aries Constellation Instances.

6. New Structure Module - Tensor Armor
Upon complete research: Activated by the loss of shields, the Tensor Armor serves as a ship's last line of defense. Negates 170 points of damage, +30 to ship stability, +0.7 to overall ship defense. (Activates when shields are ineffective)
Tensor Armor blueprint can be found in the Aries Constellation Instances.

7. Valentine Victory Base Effective Stack has increased from 900 to 1,100.

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