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[News] November 13 Maintenance and Content Update

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Posted on 11/12/14 4:09:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Galaxy Online II team will be taking our servers offline for maintenance from 00:00am to 01:00am (Server Time: GMT-5) on November 13.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our players that all battlesin instances will be stopped and no rewards will be given out for those instances. All Humaroids will also be reset. Any players still attacking a Humaroid will have their fleets sent back immediately. It is important that you are aware of this maintenance time the servers and planning your activities in preparation for this.

After the Maintenance, the defensive buildings of defending players in PVP will have their HP restored to the amount before the battle. In addition, surviving fleets of both parties will have their shield and structure restored to the amount before the battle.

After the maintenance, each player will receive
>>800 Vouchers
>>Adv Galaxy Transfer

Content Update
1. New module added – Twilight Armor (Blueprint)
Made of dark matter, this shield can easily deflect any weapons fired at it. Adds 315 points of shield and absorbs 225 damage at level 3 (Jack-O-Lantern-III must be researched to learn).

2. Fixed Vapor Engine display BUG
Resolved an issue where player can only see a +4 movement after adding the Vapor Engine to their ship design.

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