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[News] Galaxy Online 3 Shoots for the Stars!

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Posted on 12/17/14 4:28:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Galaxy Online 3 Shoots for the Stars!

The third installment of the hit space-strategy series is launching on Google Play. IGG, the developers behind the best-selling franchise are excited to release Galaxy Online 3 this month!

Prepare to take on the duties of a Commander in the Galactic Federation. Assigned to take charge of a newly-discovered planet, you must build up your colony, hunt down outlaws, create a mighty armada, and compete with rival Commanders to earn your place among the Federation's High Council! In your conquest, rediscover familiar favorites that defined the series, as well as many new social features that make the most of the mobile platform!

Assemble the Ultimate Armada!
The most successful Commander is the one who best uses their tools. With over 50 unique Captains, each with distinct personalities and skills, and over 100 different ship designs, how will you build your killer fleets?

Put the Science Back into Sci-Fi!
Discover new technologies to refine your ships! Hidden weapons, advanced armor, and more! No matter what your strategy is, you can build your fleets to meet your tactical needs! Galaxy Online 3 lets you do it all! Every option is at your fingers!

Battle Every Way, Every Day!
Multiplayer skirmishes for resource outposts, siege battles on enemy colonies, daily league matches, and weekly championship tournaments! In Galaxy Online 3, it's Player-vs-EVERYTHING!

Bring the Federation to the Next Age!
Storm to victory on the battlefields! Recruit the galaxy's mightiest heroes! Become the shining beacon of the Galactic Federation and write its next glorious chapter of history!

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