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[News] Galaxy Online 3 Now Available on Android!

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Galaxy Online 3 is now on Google Play. Join us in an interstellar adventure to the depths of the Milky Way and beyond!

Galaxy Online 3 Special Features:

* Gotta Recruit 'Em All!
Captains are the heart and soul of every fleet. Every Captain has a unique personality to match a unique ability. Your strategic use of their special skills can turn the tide of any battle!

* Build Killer Fleets
Embark on Missions to hunt down space pirates. Recover stolen design plans for top-secret technology and build powerful ships of your own!

* Battle Every Way, Every Day!
Not only can you lay siege to enemy colonies, you can also join multiplayer brawls for resource outposts, daily league matches, and weekly championship tournaments! The ways to play are as infinite as the universe.

* Bring the Federation to the Next Age
Take space by storm. Lead your fleets to victory. Discover groundbreaking technology. Recruit the galaxy's mightiest heroes. Become the shining beacon of the Galactic Federation and write its next glorious chapter of history!

To celebrate the launch, we've prepared a free gift pack for all players who log in before Dec 31st EST (GMT-5). The gift pack will include a Legendary Captain called Krina Klaus, and 660 Space Bux! Use the Promo Code (GEWBUEFZH) and tap "Promos" on the top left corner of the in-game interface to claim your reward!

Google Play:

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Wow, that's great. I am just going to download it on my Android phone :D