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[News] Important Notice on Account Security

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Posted on 12/27/11 9:00:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Dear Commanders,
Lately, we have received reports of hacked accounts and stolen items. After thorough and careful investigation, we discovered this is largely due to players engaging in unofficial trading, buying and selling items or even game accounts without going through the Trading Center in the game.

Scammers and hackers often use unofficial trading as a means of conning money, items and accounts from players. IGG has a very strong stand against unofficial trading. If players have incurred losses as a result from unofficial trading (both buying and selling), there will be no compensation from IGG. Requests related to losses incurred from unofficial trading will not be entertained as well.

Don't engage in trading of points or accounts with strangers. Should scammers be found, all accounts involved in trading for the scam will be banned.

Please take note of the above for your account's security, thank you.