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[News] Warning: Illegal Trading of Mall Points and Items

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Posted on 6/12/13 9:16:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Based on the rules of Galaxy Online II and the IGG User Agreement, the private trade of Mall Points or game items between players is strictly prohibited. In many cases, private trades are offered by scamming accounts that subsequently chargeback their orders once the items are sold. In these instances, we have no choice but to delete the suspect items from the system even if they’ve already been transferred to your account. Wherever we detect this kind of activity, we must act according to our rules, which may include banning the offending accounts as well.

Once again, we remind you to never complete any private trades in Galaxy Online II. We also ask our players to report any suspected illegal behavior to create a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. If you see something, say something.