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Posted on 12/24/19 8:05:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The 29er tends to absorb more contact with the ground making the trail ride more comfortable. Add dual suspension to the bike and you really have the potential for a plush trail bike. Critics charge that the 29er weights too much to be a truly effective mountain climber Bluoxyn but there is no evidence to support that the 29er does not climb as well as a compact mountain bike. Actually the big wheels tend to roll easier on ascents, particularly if the trail is filled with rocks and roots. One of the knocks against the 29er is that it tends to weight more than a typical 26 inch bike. This may be true but many of the newer 29ers are getting quality frame upgrades with carbon fiber and other exotic materials to make them lighter every year. Personally, the added weight does not overcome the benefit of larger tires being in contact with the trail. What may separate the two bikes apart is that on tight twisty trails a smaller bike might feel more nimble, but certainly if you are doing most of your riding on double track, forest service roads or the like you will enjoy the larger wheel size of a 29er.