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[Suggestion] New content and removal of out of date content

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Posted on 8/20/16 3:26:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


So I'm here to suggest on behalf of a few thousand or more players than you start to add new content again and make the game feel that its not being neglected and forgotten.

Also on behalf of everyone remove Wintery Planets when its not Christmas....
Also remove 2014 Easter Eggs after Easter...

and for my personal input....

please add some of the champ only weps to badge mall or honor mall and add some of the event only weps to the champs mall. add some more constellations  with new wonderful weapons, shields and hulls.

Please add unlocked skill commander cards to constellations even if they are random drops.

this will encourage people on F2P mentality to continue to play as they can generate their own mall points better. Also keeping them in game will allow more of the P2P players to enjoy the game more as they finding it way to stale.

and Next point...

If you ignor all of this... Sell the game to Kaley Cuoco for a decent price =)

xXSPANKYXx of Confederation S25