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[Suggestion] Slower merge rate, add/adjust CONTENT, help ourselves!

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Posted on 11/17/16 2:55:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sorry but negative vote for server merge.
In case my reply totally ignored, I start a new thread here.

If you feel this reasonable or have something to say,
please reply to bring the thread up for discussion, thanks.

First, GO2 is a game that worthy to play in depth.
But, before we able to enjoy something, it need loooooooong time to develop.
While we throw lots of time and money in it, we don't it close so simple right?
Simply merge to reduce server cost and make server *active* again won't last for long.

Second, the server is too crowd already.
For newer players, they need time to build up, understand the mechanics if they want,
make something to use, farm necessary items like huma gems, ... etc, 
before they can do consts, or contribute a little force to real battle with things they make.

But nowadays it's even hard to find humas to farm (need to race with other players).
Plus there are LOTS of alts occupied most space of the map that no space to jump in some areas.
While people drop truce they tend to be hit if resources expected or might able to **hurt**.
(Kill better ships older player given will damage truely newbie a lot.)

Although this is a war game, but how could newbies stay if they treated like so ?
It's almost impossible to wait until they find some joy about this game under such situation.

Last, for older players,
what we need is not some fresh blood to kill or hurt each other, but to make the game more enjoyable.

What we want IGG do is, maintain the server well, release a few fresh content once a while,
(Yeah, CONTENT, but not only expensive modules / events)
lower or remove the waiting period, especially for the beginning of the game,
make const drop more or remove the time limitation (such limitations only will encourage ppl open more alts)
and so on .... 
It probably a bit more request for IGG while they think the game not worthy to maintain.
But some of them are easy okay? You just need to put what you have designed in ............

What we could do is, don't use alts .......... I know it's impossible, since those ones gain more advantage.

> Be more friendly and patient to "looks like" new players.
This including but not limited to - 
Run teaching corps for new players (by single corps or whole server), 
help them pass the beginning stage, then guide them apply to real world.

Sorry but I have to say S1 let me feel they seems more seeking for fresh meal but not welcome new partner.
If our main corps can't be threaten by spies, at least we could create another one, for new comers.

> Create a more enjoyable environment.
For example, make some worldwide agreement like only wars between corps/forces, 
NAP for individuals or lurkers unless they break the limitation first.
So ppl in need can farm things out before they step into PVP world.

If we made any agreement, remember to let new comers know within teaching corps also.

We can have some friendly fight (like weike wars on common no gems one fleet per person) 
We can have individual held event with various content.
We can have platform out of the game to communicate / discuss among leaders of strongest corps.
We can ...... a lot, if we want.

IGG once wanna recruit people to collect and provide feedback, but seems no more.
So help ourselves! Make the game more enjoyable, but not only sitting for merge and let the game die.
GO1 was an epic game but sadly closed immediately while the game was still alive.
GO2 is somehow similar in design but shouldn't be so, while it provides IGG enough profit, keep alive please.

Thanks for reading. Please reply if you have something to say also!