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[Suggestion] neonskylt

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Posted on 12/3/19 3:28:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

After the solder has hardened you should mount the resistors on the bottom of the circuit board then bend the leads of the resistors downward and insert them into the holes remaining in the center of each of the LED pins. You should then solder a Molex connector to the small copper pieces on the corner of the circuit board and place a bead of solder on each copper piece. Here too you should allow the solder to cool and harden.

You should then drill a small hole in neonskylt the four corners of the circuit board and then insert one bolt into each of the holes. After inserting the bolt you should ensure that the head of the bolt and the nut are on the bottom of the circuit board. You should then slide three more nuts over each bolt on the underside of the circuit board and then apply a bead of resin to the longer side of each bolt. You should press the bolts with resin on to a piece of glass and then attach your LED lights.