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Posted on 6/1/13 1:19:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

will Go2 add more skill CC + Legendary or Super...  for example Vinna + Titan, Donna + Venus,
Maxius or Mantie + Nora, Jason + Bruce, Sylla + Heloyce or Panis, Motima + Maletiz, natiya + stani,
Angla + Annata, Maxius + Linda or Anna, Sofia + Cassius, Raylif + Krina Kraus, Kelly + silva just a suggestion I can only afford buying Skill CC.... not MP user... ^^

Posted on 6/13/13 10:47:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How about a special mode ? I miss the conquering campgain of the GO I where u could take some planets and had to hold them and plot the invasion of the enemy land .. could b worked in a update , a galaxy for conquering , clan batles and such dont have a defined ideia with the GO 2 build but might b a way ..

Posted on 6/14/13 2:25:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Posted on 7/24/13 12:17:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

BRING BACK MRZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 10/17/13 4:21:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi this is more for the ships added with the new Tesla system, I can appreciate some of the BP are event only but this kinda kills the game for a lot of people who do not purchase mp, maybe we can have new wheel which can be used once a week were we can role for these ships and they are locked to that account, this way a lot of people will see a chance and although will work harder to get results as a lot of the bp will still need to be researched, it also means a lot of people who do spend money do not see a lot less players because they could not go any further. Now this may already be in the works but thought I would throw the suggestion in there. Now it does not have to be a wheel but something should be considered, thanks.

Posted on 1/22/14 11:40:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi there, my idea is to extend the arena to all the servers, not like IGL that group the servers of one galaxy, but all the servers of all galaxies, is that possible?

Posted on 1/22/14 1:12:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

nexen2 replied at 1-22-2014 11:40 AM
Hi there, my idea is to extend the arena to all the servers, not like IGL that group the servers of  ...

Is there any supposed benefit for implementing this?

Not playing CC anymore
Posted on 9/16/15 3:37:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

:suggesting New Titan DCC:



The WitchCrafts


Fallen Angels


Radiant Soldiers


The Impalers


Blood Desolators


The Admirals


Father And Daughter



The Divine Light


Brutal Duo

(If Possible)

I Look Forward TO this New Titan Paired Dccs Because i'm tired of this Dict And Dunes and they're very powerfull and unable to mach to any battles.. =/

if there's any wrong in my suggestions leave a comment, and let me see your opinions...

Thanks and Long live TO IGG!!!

devourer have evolved,
it's time for weikes to evolve too
Posted on 3/6/16 2:04:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

AS im playing GO2 and TRAVIAN at the same time, i just can help my self to make comparison sometime, what i like about go2 are the coms, the ships, and the battles, what i do not like about this game is there is no clear ending, there are time when you will get bored of playing, sometimes im thinking is this really an strategy game.
About travian, what i like about this is all of it, except for the battle coz you will not see your troops fighting, if you send your troops to a battle you will just receive reports how many you lose and how many you kill, but what exciting about this game is it ends and restart all over again, 1 server last 9 months, until 1 corps build their world wonder at lvl 100 they will be declared winner :) thats a strategy game for you