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[Suggestion] Gauntlet (revised)

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You should have to run the gauntlet to use a truce card as it\'s a war game.

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The Gauntlet….

Tiberius half-man/half-machine Legendary commander that has ruled The Gauntlet for many centuries along with his 4 divine commanders.
Tiberius is ruthless and cold hearted, shows no mercy, and is relentless in many ways.
He has an S mastery in ballistics, missiles, ship-based, and directional that came from studying at the Black Rose Academy. Example ability: Each time Tiberius moves 4 spaces he increases a chance to penetrate shields at 15% and to cause hull damage when being attacked.
To face this ruthless Legendary you must pass 29 stages. Each stage gets tougher and tougher along the way. 3* Each stage contains Divine commanders that get tougher and tougher along the way before you face Tiberius.
First stage has 3 Divines just get things started.
Then at every 5th stage there will be high random Divine Commander guarding treasures or as players call it rewards. The reward might be the following: Huma gems, resetting cards, metal boost, helium boost, extra tax, passports, or badges. Bonus item would be a ruin chart.
At the 30th stage Tiberius will not be alone. His henchmen include 4 Divine Commanders. Their ships are the latest technology that the Black Rose Academy has ever designed.
Thousands and thousands of commanders have entered the Gauntlet however none has come back to tell their tale.
By the way you can bring a partner into The Gauntlet, but expect more enemies at each stage.  
Will you or your partner be the one to take down Tiberius and his 4 henchmen?

I would like IGG to spice up Galaxy 2 online within this year with a whole new way.

In the beginning with there were the instances getting resource boxes and blue prints.
Next there were Restricted where you get badges to make purchases in the Web mall to obtain badge ships or special cards such as Dilira and/or Hellen. Titan came later in the game.
Then IGG gave us trials which at each stage there were legendary commanders that were a bit of challenge. At every stage in trials you got something decent that was useful or sat in your inventory collecting space dust. If you defeated the trials you were given AGT, a new engine -1 agi, weapon blue prints and other cool stuff.
After trials we got Humaroids that gave us huma gems and blue print shreds to build new flagships.
Finally there were Constellations which gave a nice strategy tactics on trying to obtain blue prints, scrolls, cards, and even resource packs. Ruin charts came later in the game as well.

I would like to see a new instance called the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet guide:

The Gauntlet will never reset like trials. Solo or co-op without interception would be available. Note there will be no loss of ships but He3 loss. With co-op there will be an increase of enemy ships at per stage. Example: player 1 and player 2 can only bring 4 fleets each. Like to add a "pit stop" where you can refuel your ships and change out your divine commanders for the next stages. Also you can change up your divine commanders versus the main divine commander at stage 30th.
Each stage will have different stars of Divine commanders with or without bio chips.
For example you might find at stage 1 3 fleets. 1st  Fleet  might have a 3* Fairy and Fiend using directional piloting Liberty Wing tanks (front row), middle row and back row with Black Holes using Phantom Ray. 2nd Fleet would be a 3* Fatal Furies using a Ballistic fleet using LW tank with Capra Leonis and 3rd fleet 3* Eternal Terror using Missiles using Chimera Vipers.
For your reward you will get [85%-90%] box of resources either gold, metal or He3 along with ruin charts.

At every five stages there will be a high divine commander (maybe with random low bio chips or no bio chips installed) on new ships with new weapons. Rewards at [85-90%]: Huma gems, resetting cards, metal boost, helium boost, extra tax, passports, and badges. Bonus item would be a left of right ruin chart.
Rewards at [1%-5%]: Blue-print shreds I, II, III will be for future ballistics, missiles, directional, or ship-based.

At the end of the Gauntlet will be Tiberius (Legendary Commander) that will not be available anytime soon.
The Legendary Commander (Tiberius) will be affected by all four stats, have S in Ballistics, Directionals, Missiles, and Ship-Based weapons. His ship will be high tech however not invincible. The Legendary commander will not have any bio chips installed. There will be 4 fleets of random Divine Commanders with different ships and weaponry.
Note: (Of course) IGG can tweak the legendary commander at the end of stage 30.
By defeating Tiberius, the player(s) would get [85%-90%] blue print shreds for new weapons, shreds for new ship along with ruin charts. Obtain a special commander card [1%-5%] that has two abilities in weapon expert. Example Tyron has expert A in Directional and Ballistics.

In summary I believe this would drive this game to be more involved besides going to war with each other. I would like to see non-wallet warriors have a chance to run through the Gauntlet. I would love to face the Legendary Commander against my Divine Commanders. Finally there should be more player versus environment.

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it is a revised edition of galaxy online 2 because the first version does not run well. Over time people will have negative 6 dollar essay reviews about this game and its graphics features.