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[Suggestion] New Commander, Science and Defensive Buildings

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They added titan divines to counter almost impossivle to defeat DFA that counter all other divines and deffensive vinna\'s ability with rayo as divine would proc too often and will outstat everything in long battles?

I like advanced science tree idea to choose weapon/defences u want and thats what we need in go2 problem is that what boosts it will be... since they added 2nd gen and 3nd gen wep/hulls and modules also chips boost all damage and defences.

New defensive structures would be nice to see but i doubt they will ever add any.

Posted on 4/4/13 10:11:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Suggestion 1:
New Commander: Anniv (or any other name)

Ability: Reduces level-up requirements by 30%. Also has a chance to increase one stat by 10 while defending (stacks indefinitely). This effect last until the end of the combat. [Affected by the Dodge attribute]

(Comment: Like the ability states, she's a defensive version of Vinna)

Suggestion 1.5: (A Side Continuation of suggestion 1)

As the Titan divines are starting to rule out Rayo divines, pairing up Anniv with a Rayo boost up Rayo's ability as they will be able to gain more and more stat for Rayo's proc.

Suggestion 2:

When i first played Galaxy Online 2, one thing which i love about the game was the science tree. The fun part was the advancing one science tree and choosing which one to go next. But as you can see, the thrill from this has vanished in almost every server (except new ones which are opening). So i suggest a new science tree.

Here's my suggestion:
There will be 7 new science tree out of which only 2 maybe advanced by a player (i.e a player will choose 2 science from the 7 new science available)

The 7 new science tree will be the following:
1. Advanced Ballistic
2. Advanced Directional
3. Advanced Missile
4. Advanced Ship-based
5. Shield Defence Research
6. Structural Defence Research
7. Interception Defence Research

A player will be able to choose only 2 from the new science. He may abandon one science tree which he already choose and choose another at the cost of Mall Points (so pick carefully)

The resource needed to advance the new science tree will be gold and honour points. (Gold as there is not much use of them now and honour points to boost people into doing league as well as not much use of honour points after you bought all the weapons)

I havent think of whats to be put inside these new science but ideas are welcomed.

Suggestion 3:
New planet defence building:
1. Nullifying Shockwave Gun

Attack: 10,000
HP: 30,000
Range: 5
Cooldown: 1
(These stats increases as lvl increases)

It fires in a line rather than an area around the defensive building. The Nullifying Shockwave Gun can be placed to face one direction only (it has a Turn feature like in the Turn features of fleets) and can only attack 5 spaces in the direction to which it is pointing.

Ability: It decreases all ships damage by 3% at level 1 (increases as level increases)

2. Precision Tower

Attack: 0
HP: 10,000
Range: 2
Cooldown: 0

Ability: Any friendly fleets within 2 spaces from the Precision Tower gets their hit chance increased by 2% (increases as leavel increases)


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