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[Event] Get Clearer and Healthier Skin

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Posted on 3/26/20 4:53:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A sudden change of skin shape, such as Derma Correct Skin Tag Removal Review weight loss, weight gain, or pregnancy, causes tears in the middle layer of your skin, the dermis. Then the collagen and elastin fibers rupture and you'll find yourself with 'underground' scars that look a little bit like hideous stripes. The sooner you start treating these, the better. They will begin as red, purple, pink, or brown marks (depending on the color of your skin). This is the best and easiest time to treat them. When they darken to a black or silver color they will be much more difficult to get rid of. Even marks that are years old CAN be removed though by following this article.

Here are some things you'll want to invest in to make your life much easier when removing stretch marks: A moisturizer that contains cocoa butter. Self-tanning lotion. This can be used to hide the appearance of marks, good for short notice occasions or as a temporary solution. A commercial removal product or cream.

The first two should be pretty easy to get and I'll let you decide on which you would prefer, the tanning lotion is completely optional, and as I said - it's just a temporary solution. As for a commercial stretch mark removal product/cream, that can be much harder. It is definitely needed for fast and efficient stretch mark removal, but it isn't very easy to find a good one. You'll want to massage affected areas with the cocoa butter moisturizer three to four times daily and then use the commercial stretch mark remover. ... tag-removal-review/