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[Event] The game was hacked

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Posted on 8/22/20 8:24:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am a user of the S20 server currently in S01; I was Moderator of the Spanish IGG Forum and I collaborate with the reports as any user.
The safety of your money and time spent gambling is in serious jeopardy.
An effort to shut down the servers brought an inside job to them offering Mall Points cheaper in real money so that investment is not reflected and an account recovery software to flood the market for Commanders and Planes so that they do not use Events. The same program is used unscrupulously to take possession of your accounts and loot them; bypasses the security that Facebook offers since it works directly with the Facebook ID, and accesses directly from the program. Do not play their game, do not use the software, do not buy their account offers or Mall Points. Report with tickets en masse the IDs, account names, date, time of those who use it requesting IP detection to IGG Support.
Security Measures: Alliances must be in charge of an account that has never been attacked and does not send text mails; Battle Reports and messages violate account security. Maintain the use of truces as much as possible. In case of being a victim of intrusion, when reloading the page, the intruder is logged out; leaving a bot to reload the page every 12 seconds will keep them safe. Once they gain access, using truce does not exempt them from future meddling.
Send Report with the data of the creator of the software, the licenses granted, name of the program, version; port and access IP as your validation keys. The message was deleted ... Resend the data three times today hoping the information reaches good hands and request immediate measures and if not, recommend closing the server until they have the solution. Now it depends on the Team that, as we all well know, we must be patient in the midst of this sad pandemic, the staff decreases in all areas.
I request the support of the Forum Administration to Highlight this warning in order to collaborate with users. 
Thank you very much.