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[Guides] [Guide] Fleet Targeting: Max Attack

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Posted on 3/18/15 11:00:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Reposting an old guide i made, which failed to transfer to the new forum.


I often see players getting frustrated with pirates who, according to them, are targeting the wrong fleet. This usually involves missle pirates which mostly target your most powerful fleet. 

In my time playing this game, i have never had an issue with missle pirates that i haven't been able to explain away.

To continue past this point, you must have an understanding of Effective stacks, as this will not work if you don't. My examples involve 5* spell commanders and all fleets are using the effective stack size. This is because overstacking will not increase your attack power, despite whatever the game might say.


So, let us take these two fleets:

Their attack power is very similar, but you will see that Kelly has a higher attack. However, when i put these into an Instance, the missle pirates will target Donna.

Lets do a small calculation using the above image:
54,940,860 attack / 12,402 ships = 4,430 attack per ship.

As you can see, the attack value is derived from the ships minimum attack value. What we need is to determine the fleets maximum attack value. Therefore:
5,250 attack per ship * 12,402 ships = 65,110,500 attack

If i do the same calculation to my Donna, i end up with 72,984,618, which is a great deal higher than Kelly. Thus we conclude that the pirates decision is correct.

Please note that this example does not include all factors that affect your fleets max-attack. Below is a list of everything.

Max Attack Factors:
- Weapon max attack
- Weapon count (effective stacks * module count)
- Bionic Chips
- Attack Gems

Here is a tool to aid in the adjustment of your fleets. Do note that this is in no way perfect.
Max Attack Calc

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