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Posted on 3/18/15 11:09:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Reposting an old guide i made, which failed to transfer to the new forum.


Here is a guide for creating effective fleets.

All ships have an effective stack number. Stacks surpassing this number do not serve any purpose except to add to the fleets durability. The game may say that the fleets attack power is increased, but that is simply wrong. Those extra ships will not fire their weapons and will not activate their defensive modules. 

When creating an effective fleet, there are 2 numbers you need to find. When you add them together, you get the effective stack size for that particular ship.

The first number is located on your ship design. You can view it in your ship building menu or when you're creating a fleet. 

The second number is located on your commander and is visible when you hover over the commanders stars. You need to pick the number that relates to the specific ship type that you intend to use. Do note that these numbers change between commanders.

Using the above examples, i would need stacks of 1378 (1000 + 378) to take full advantage of my Mantie. If you have multiple different ship types, then you will need to follow this process more than once.

Additional Info:
Independence: Frigate stacks
Black Hole: Cruiser stacks
Liberty Wings: Cruiser stacks
Dullahan: Frigate stacks
Harvest Huma: Cruiser stacks
Novas Ark: Battleship stacks
Flagships: Cruiser stacks

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