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Posted on 3/18/15 11:13:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Reposting an old guide i made, which failed to transfer to the new forum.


Most people rely on shielding for tanks since this is easy to calculate, so i decided to fill the knowledge void that surrounds Defense, and present a defense tank.

All ships have a defense value which is not displayed anywhere in-game, and reduces damage by a percentage.

The formula for defense is this:
Defense * 0.03 / (Defense * 0.03 + 1)


Example of a defense tank:

- Black Hole: 14.5 * 1.2 (tech) = 17.4
- Daedalus Control System: +2
- Gravity Maint. Facility: +1
- Ship Reinforcement Facility x 30: +9

Total defense: 17.4 + 2 + 1 + 9 = 29.4

Substituting this value into the formula, we will get a 46% damage reduction.

Therefore, if 1,000,000 damage is directed at this ship, 540,000 will remain. Daedalus will then reduce this further (20%) to 432,000 damage.

This information was sourced from the taiwan forums.

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