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[Guides] [Guide] Hulls - How to Obtain

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NameHow to Obtain
Air Wanderer-IInstance 1
Valkyrie-IInstance 4
GoGetter-IInstance 7
Space Hunter-IInstance 13
Sparrow-IInstance 16
Devourer-IInstance 19
Polymesus-IInstance 22
Cybra-IInstance 25
Hamdar-IInstance 28
Daybreak-IBought with Badge Points
Last Stand-IBought with Badge Points
Shadow Guardian-IBought with Badge Points
Chimera Leonis-IConsellation Sagittatius, Constellation Libra
Ultra Nwyfre-IBought with Champion Points
Devourer Boreas ITesla Merging
Dessicator Notus ITesla Merging
Cursed Eurus ITesla Merging
Zephyrus ITesla Merging
Pathfinder IEvents Only
NameHow to Obtain
Bombardier-IInstance 1
Duke-IInstance 4
The Shuttler-IInstance 7
Watchman-IInstance 10
Spinner-IInstance 16
Wraith-IInstance 19
Encratos-IInstance 22
Nicholas-IInstance 25
Helena-IInstance 28
Quick Assault-IBought with Badge Points
Striking Sword-IBought with Badge Points
Nihelbet-IBought with Badge Points
Chimera Capra-IConsellation Sagittatius, Constellation Libra
Ultra Gwyar-IBought with Champion Points
Mysterious Alecto ITesla Merging
Vengeful Tisiphone ITesla Merging
Megaran Grudge ITesla Merging
Miracle-IEvents Only
NameHow to Obtain
Nettle-IInstance 1
Diaz-IInstance 4
RV766 The Explorer-IInstance 7
Palenka-IInstance 10
Howler-IInstance 13
Whirlpool-IInstance 19
Cerberus-IInstance 22
Genesis-IInstance 25
Tiamat-IInstance 28
Aggressive Warlord-IBought with Badge Points
Alliance Admiral-IBought with Badge Points
Presidio of Glory-IBought with Badge Points
Chimera Viper-IConsellation Sagittatius, Constellation Libra
Ultra Calas-IBought with Champion Points
The Tenebrae ITesla Merging
Charon Ferry ITesla Merging
Dreaded Deimos ITesla Merging
Asterion-ITesla Merging, Constellation Aries
Paramour IEvents Only
NameHow to Obtain
Industrial Ship-P1Instance 13
FleetfootInstance 13
HedgehogInstance 19
Bolencia WarshipInstance 16
Independence-IInstance 9
Black Hole-IConstellations Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Liberty Wings-IConstellation Leo
DullahanConstellation Libra
Harvest HumaBought with Badge Points
Novas ArkBought with Badge Points
Erotes-IBought with Badge Points
Exodus-IBought with Badge Points, Constellation Taurus
Kirov-IConstellation Taurus
Independence Mk2 IBought with Champion Points
Bastion IConstellation Taurus
Hallows ReaperBought with Champion Points, Constellation Aries
Arctic AirboardBought with Champion Points, Constellation Aries
Valentine Victory IBought with Champion Points
Secretariat IEvents Only
Liberty Wings 2S IEvents Only
BehemothEvents Only
NameHow to Obtain
Intrepid Nexus-IFlagship Merging
Grim Reaper-IFlagship Merging
Shadow Trojan-IFlagship Merging
Conquistador-IFlagship Random Merging
Mercury Wing-IFlagship Merging
Firecat-IFlagship Merging
GForce's Dreadnaught-IFlagship Merging
Arbiter-IFlagship Random Merging
GFS-Vengeance IFlagship Random Merging, Bought with Champion Points
Zefram-MK42 IFlagship Random Merging, Bought with Champion Points
Terra Scorpirex ITesla Merging or Bought with Champion Points
Abyssal Scylla ITesla Merging or Bought with Champion Points
Caerulex Ladon ITesla Merging or Bought with Champion Points
Kazati IEvents Only
Principia de Vis IEvents Only

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