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[Guides] Introduction to New Features from Collision Chaos

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Posted on 5/7/12 1:52:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The update will include 3 brand new features, each with its own set of rules and applications. To ease players into our latest expansion, we will briefly introduce each of the new features below.

1.        Humaroids
6 Humaroids will spawn at random across 13 Humaroid Spawn Points in each zone on the Galaxy Map. Spawn Points will not occupy coordinates that are available destinations for planets. Once a player enters a Humaroid, a battle will begin in the form of an instance. Each Humaroid is defined by a Danger Level ranging from 1 to 10. The higher Danger Level the Humaroid, the more difficult the instance.

Each Humaroid is guarded by space pirates all of which must be defeated.
Victory will allow the players to search the Humaroid for treasures like Corsairs' Gold, Blueprint Shreds for Flagship Blueprints (incomplete Blueprints), Huma Gems, and other precious items. Each Humaroid is available for exploration for 6 hours after spawning. If it remains unexplored after 6 hours, it will implode and respawn in random Spawn Point with a new Danger Level. A successfully defeated Humaroid will implode and respawn after 2 hours in a random Spawn Point with a new Danger Level.
When a Humaroid is engulfed in battle, other fleets will not be able to enter it. The battle will take place as a stand-alone instance. Fleets that arrive at a Humaroid already in engulfed in battle will be sent back to their Home Planets. Players are recommended to send all the fleets they wish to deploy to a Humaroid at the same time using the "Synchonize Transition" command.

Should fleets controlled by different players enter the Humaroid at the same time, the player controlling the fleet that has destroyed the most enemy ships shall be the one receiving all the rewards.

If the transition time is longer than the time left on the status timer of the Humaroid they wish to explore.

Suggestion: Players sending fleets to explore a Humaroid should first take note of the timer on its Status. The timer indicates the amount of time left before it respawns in a random Spawn Point with a random Danger Level. Should you send fleets to explore a Danger Lv 1 Humaroid and the timer happens to complete its countdown while your fleets are still in transition, the Humaroid will respawn. Your fleets might be in for a nasty surprise if they arrive to find the Humaroid has respawned with a much higher Danger Lv. Players should weigh the risks when sending fleets to explore a Humaroid.

2.        Flagships
Flagship Hull designs can be learned from Blueprints assembled with the Blueprint Shreds found in Humaroids.
Flagship Blueprints can also be enhanced with Huma Gems from Humaroids and gold allowing players to learn stronger versions of the Flagship Hull designs.
Players can learn up to 10 versions for each Flagship Hull design.

A separate tab for enhancing Flagship Blueprints will be added to the Weapon Research Center menu.

3.        Bionic Chips
Bionic Chips are a relatively complex feature which we will introduce in greater detail down the line. For now, let’s take a brief look at this exciting new enhancement for your brave commanders!
Bionic Chips can be obtained with either Corsairs' Gold or Mall Points.
Important notice: Bionic Chips do not count as conventional Items and thus cannot be found in your Bag or traded.
Bionic Chips can only be implanted into Commanders or stored in the Bionic Chip Interface.

Bionic Chips greatly increase the attributes of the implanted commander.
Common effects of implanting Bionic Chips include:
Increasing minimum and maximum damage for different weapons types,
Increasing the Shields or Structure attributes,
Improving shield regeneration or structure repair rates,
Improving damage negation,
Improving movement speed,
Improving interception rates, and other variable attributes.
Bionic Chips begin at Lv 1. Bionic Chips can be merged to higher levels for more potent chips.
Bionic Chips are further divided into four different grades each defined by a color. The order of the Bionic Chips potency is: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.
Bionic Chips can be directly implanted into a commander or merged into other Bionic Chips as experience points.
Red Bionic Chips can only be merged into other Bionic Chips. The experience provided by Red Bionic Chips merged into other Bionic Chips is greater than chips of other colors.

4.        Galactic Trafficker

Players can access the Galactic Trafficker through this icon. Players can use the Auto Generate feature to automatically Generate Bionic Chips up to Stage 5. You can cancel the Auto-Generate process anytime you wish by clicking on the Auto-Generate button again.

Exchange for Corsairs' Gold with Commander Cards, Blueprints, Bionic Chips and other items.

Corsairs' Gold can also be purchased in the Web Mall with Badges or Honor.
You might want to stock up these for League battles in future!

5.        Other miscellaneous features will be introduced into the game in the Collision Chaos patch.

Final Note:
All attributes, rates and figures shown in this preview are subject to change until new content is actually released. Finalized details will be announced during the content update.