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[Guides] A Closer Look at Bionic Chips

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Posted on 5/7/12 8:49:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are various Types of Bionic Chips.

Each Type serves a different purpose. Some allow the Commander to increase the minimum or maximum attack rate of the ships they command while others improve the survivability of the fleet by boosting various stats.

Each Type is further divided into 4 grades: Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange with Orange being the strongest.

Each Type of Bionic Chip has a maximum level of 10. Higher grade chips require more experience to level-up.

Any Bionic Chips can be converted into experience and merged with other Bionic Chips.

For the purposes of merging, Green Bionic Chips are worth 10 Experience, Blue Bionic Chips are worth 20 Experience, Purple Bionic Chips are worth 40 Experience, and Orange Bionic Chips are worth 80 Experience.

Experience accumulated in a Bionic Chip will not be lost if the Chip is converted into Experience to be merged with another Bionic Chip.

For example: You convert Chips A, B and C into experience and merge them into Chip D. Chip D is now Lv 3. If you convert Chip D into experience and merge it into Chip E, Chip E gains experience equal to the combined value of Chips A, B, C, and D.

There are no additional benefits to giving a Bionic Chip more experience once it reaches its maximum level. Any experience added in excess to the maximum amount is wasted.

There is a special red Bionic Chip known as the Huma Bionic Chip. This Chip cannot be implanted into Commanders but instead offers massive amounts of experience and can be converted and merged into other Bionic Chips.

Finally, there is a grey chips known as a Scrap Bionic Chips. These chips cannot be converted into experience nor can they be implanted into Commanders. However, they can be sold for Corsairs' Gold.

Each Commander can be implanted with 5 different Types of Bionic Chips.

Changes will be made to the Compounding Center as part of the content update.

The "Implant Bionic Chip" and "Generate Flagship Blueprint" tabs will be added.

The "Generate Flagship Blueprint" function will be introduced in detail in the days to come.

The "Implant Bionic Chip" menu is similar to the Gem Casting menu. First, select a Commander and the chip you wish to implant into said Commander.

At the bottom of this menu is the "Generate" button. Click it to enter the Bionic Chips Trading Menu.

Bionic Chips are a unique feature in the game as they do not count as items nor do they appear in your bag. Rather, they are stored in this Trading Menu where you can Generate more Chips, Merge them, and Sell them.

First, let's cover how to obtain Bionic Chips.

Bionic Chips can only be obtained on this menu.

Generating Bionic Chips consumes Corsairs' Gold, but you may use other resources to complete this process instead.

Click either of these buttons to set which resource to use when generating Bionic Chips.

There are 5 Stages during Chip Generation.

You begin generating Bionic Chips at Stage 1.

Attempting to generate chips produces 1 Chip. Each Chip generated offers a chance to progress to the Next Stage. You can only ever generate 1 Chip at a time.

There is also a chance to regress to the Previous Stage when generating chip. Be careful!

The further you progress, the better chance you have of generating higher-grade Bionic Chips. Purple, Orange, and Huma Bionic Chips cannot be generated at Stage 1 or 2.

The "Auto Generate" function saves time by automatically generating Bionic Chips and selling any Scrap Bionics Chips you may obtain.

However, the "Auto Generate" feature stops at Stage 5. Players will need to try their luck on their own from this point on.

Bionic Chips generated will appear on the menu.

Bionic Chips on the Trading Menu can be in one of two different states.
1.        Bound (Cannot be converted into Experience for merging and cannot be sold)
2.        Unbound (Can be converted into Experience for merging or sold)

Use the "Bind" Button on the top of the menu to toggle the state of the selected Chip(s). Players are strongly encouraged to Bind any Bionic Chips they wish to keep so as not to accidentally sell or merge them!

The "Sell All" button sells all your Scrap Bionic Chips. Other types of Bionic Chips can be sold individually by clicking on the “$” button below each of the Chips.

Bionic Chips are sold for Corsairs' Gold.

Merging Bionic Chips converts Bionic Chips into experience to be consumed by another Bionic Chip.

Bionic Chips can be merged simply by dragging the chip you wish to convert into experience onto the Bionic Chip you wish to enhance.

The "Merge All" function is an important feature.

First, click and select the Bionic Chip you wish to enhance. The borders of the Chip will be highlighted to indicate your selection.

Next, click the "Merge All" button to convert ALL Unbound Bionic Chips into Experience for the selected Chip.